Constitution and Rules

1.0 NAME

1.1 The name of the club shall be The Tuesday Bridge Club Hadley Wood.

2.1 To encourage the development of Duplicate Bridge with a ‘no fear’ principle as promoted by the English Bridge Union (E.B.U.).

3.1 The management of the club shall be under the control of the Committee.

4.1 The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and three other members, any four to form a quorum.
4.2 Members of the Committee shall be nominated by any member of the club at the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.). If the number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies a ballot will be held at the A.G.M
4.3 At each A.G.M. the members of the Committee shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election.

5.1 Membership of the club shall be limited to members and associate members of the Hadley Wood Association.
5.2 The election to membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee.
5.3 The size of the membership shall be determined by the Committee and priority given to members of the Hadley Wood Association.
5.4 Persons wishing to join the club must attend three times before applying for membership.

6.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year as soon as practical alter the end of the club's financial year on 30th June and not later than the 30th September. The Secretary shall give members at least 21 days written notice of the date of such meetings. A notice to the effect to be displayed. A detailed agenda and statement of account to be available prior to the meeting.
6.2 Items for the agenda of the A.G.M. must be submitted to the Secretary not later that the 7th July each year.
6.3 At the A.G.M. the audited accounts shall be submitted.
6.4 A quorum shall consist of a least one third of the membership at the A.G.M.
6.5 The Honorary Auditor shall be nominated and elected by ballot at the A.G.M. and shall not hold any other office or become a member of the Committee.

7.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee as they think fit, giving notice and subject matter not less than 42 days in advance. An Extraordinary General Meeting may also be called when at least 10 members deem it necessary, the subject to be lodged with the Secretary along with sufficient funds to defray any reasonable costs of such action. Such a meeting shall be called within 42 days of notification.

8.1 The annual subscription and table money for each member shall be recommended by the Committee and voted on at the A.G.M.
8.2 Annual subscriptions shall be payable on election to the club and thereafter become due on the 1st July each year and must be paid by 31st October. Any member whose subscription is not paid by 31st October shall be deemed to have forfeited membership.

8.3 The Treasurer shall keep such proper books of account as will enable him to present at every A.G.M. or any other time, given reasonable notice, an accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the club.

9.1 If the conduct of any member shall in the opinion of the Committee be injurious to the character or interest of the club, the Committee shall have the power to ask such member to resign. If the member does not resign, the Committee may expel the member after holding a meeting at which the member has the right of attendance and appeal.

10.1 In the event of any dispute regarding the interpretation of the rules the decision of the Committee shall prevail and be binding upon the members.

11.1 The club rules shall not be subject to alteration except at the A.G.M. of the club or at any Extraordinary General Meeting called under rule 7.

No rule shall be altered except by two thirds of the members present and voting.

12.1 In the event that the Committee consider that the club is no longer viable it shall be disbanded. In which case the Committee shall, after the payment of all liabilities, dues and disposal of any property, distribute all remaining assets equally to the members with a minimum membership of three years.

19th July 1994
Amended 5 August 2003